Opportunities for all – Non-Technical Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain technology continues to be adopted by an ever increasing number of industries and we can absolutely expect plenty of job opportunities arising over the next year and beyond. Many however will be quick to point out that most of these positions will require technical knowledge. But non-techies need not worry as there are plenty of non-technical blockchain jobs, paying extraordinarily well without requiring previous programming or engineering knowledge. 

Becoming a blockchain developer is no easy feat after all.  To do so requires a solid foundation in coding languages which might include C++, Java, C#, JavaScript, Go, Python, Ruby, and Solidity: not exactly expertise you can just build up over night or via a weekend course. Even twelve week intensive courses will not get you anywhere near the level most employers want, but they can certainly help; providing a solid stepping stone into a technical career within blockchain sector.

Typically it is existing software engineers who make a rapid transition over to Blockchain technology. If however you have the time, aptitude and passion for delving into the technical aspects of this technology then you are are in for a treat! We will be shortly checking out and reviewing some of the very best courses available in the market today and promise to only recommend the most trusted training partners delivering courses that will set you up for a lucrative career in this space. Stay tuned!

Over 10% of GDP will be stored in blockchain by 2030

The blockchain sector continues to grow at a accelerated rate, in fact, a recent study conducted by JP Morgan Chase & Co has predicted that by 2030, 10% of global Gross Domestic Product will be stored on blockchain technology. There is no shortage of jobs available within the blockchain industry at present, and individuals with technical knowledge will of course be in high demand over the next decade by the majority of companies. However, not everyone who wants to get involved in blockchain has the ability or desire to code in Solidity, or any other programming language used by Ethereum DApps, so lets look at some roles which require light to non-existent coding skills.

Here are just some of the most in demand non-technical blockchain jobs

Check out some of the most common non-technical blockchain jobs below:

  • Sales & Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Digital Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Content Writer
  • Legal Council
  • Risk Management
  • Data Analysts & Data Science (Data science is more technical and does require coding skills )

It is worth noting that plenty of startups hiring for these types of roles tend not to care so much about degrees. Instead they prefer to focus on whether candidates can demonstrate they understand all the functional aspects of technology including its scope and how things work around them along with being excellent problem solvers and fast learners which should go without saying. 

Get started with your future career in blockchain

If you are just casually considering a job in blockchain then get serious fast! Now is the time to skill up and learn as much as you can because this technology will impact your life regardless, hence why not build a lucrative career.   We’re still in relatively early days with adoption of this technology so don’t be discouraged if you have no coding experience yet dream of landing a technical role. We are supporting and helping people like yourself navigate the space by recommending only the finest and most credible courses out there; giving you the best chance by providing genuine launchpad into this growing and sector.

Non-technical blockchain job recommended reading

If you’re looking for non-technical roles we suggest you quickly get stuck in. There are plenty of free resources available online but also some excellent book suggestions to check out to help build a solid foundation. Make sure you and become well versed in blockchain technology and its applications before applying for any roles.

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