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  • Bank of America believes CBDC and stablecoin adoption is unavoidable

    With governments from across the world keenly working on developing a fully-dedicated digital economy, the United States is also not behind in this endeavor. The recent developments are signaling towards the launch of a native Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project by the financial authorities in the country. The speculations were confirmed by the Bank … Read More

  • What is AION Blockchain? The Most Comprehensive Guide Ever

    If you have been following blockchain and cryptocurrencies for a long time, then you must know that they are great and solve most problems related to the privacy and clutches of private companies. Cryptocurrency takes control over our money and data from institutions, governments, and big companies. It then gives it back to us. All … Read More

  • Meta introduces world’s fastest Metaverse AI supercomputer

    With the striking surge in the popularity of Metaverse technology, firms from across the globe are constantly working to expand their operations in the cluster. The most prominent player in Metaverse has been Facebook’s parent firm ‘Meta’ that has released a blog post featuring its newly-designed AI-supported supercomputer named ‘Research SuperCluster’ (RSC). Led by Mark … Read More

  • Polkadot likely to sponsor FC Barcelona’s Official Jersey

    Taking the tag of one of the most trusted blockchain networks operating in the industry, Polkadot is gearing up for yet another strategic collaboration. The latest developments are hinting towards a new partnership between Polkadot and the Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona wherein the former will become an official jersey sponsor of the club. Known … Read More

  • New York City Mayor receives his first cryptocurrency paycheck

    It’s the season of cryptocurrencies!!! Virtual assets have evolved as one of the coolest investment trends favored largely by investors across multiple working fields. In the recent development, the new Mayor of the New York City, Eric Adams has proudly announced to receive his first paycheck in cryptocurrencies setting a trend for others to follow. … Read More